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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things Never Go As Planned!

So, why have I not posted for nearly two weeks now? Have you noticed on our events calendar (bottom of the page) that there are two weeks completely blank? I didn't even bother to plan for every week in the summer, because I knew we would hit times like this: We're tired!

My two-year old had croupe for about a week. We've hosted a total of 33 people at our home over the last two weeks. Between swimming lessons, and the twice weekly violin/tutoring, and all the company, and all the sickness...our daily worksheets and silent reading are about all we can handle right now.

I will start fresh the week of the 4th and re-introduce stars and planets week. I may replace Medieval Week with Weather Week again, since we only half-heartedly did that unit.

For any that are paying attention to this blog at all, sorry for all the delays. But we're TIRED. Check back after the 4th :)

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