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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Timpanogos Cave Outing

To finish up our week on Habitats, we took an excursion to the Timpanogos Caves.

We had some good friends join us, too.

We packed a backpack with coats (for the 45 degree caves), plenty of water, and more candy than I should have packed. The candy was in case I needed a bribe to keep their feet moving..which I did.

As it turns out, this was a pretty hard hike. It's a mile and a half on a paved trail to the cave entrance. The path rises 1,065 ft to an elevation of 6,730 feet above sea level. Pretty darn steep. And there are several places that made me nervous one of my kids wcould just slide right off the side! I would not recommend this hike for anyone under 5, unless your fine with carrying them yourself.

Along the way we saw spider webs, chipmunks, wildflowers, birds, and this spectacular view:

Some pictures of the cave interiors can be found following this link.

We were hoping to see bats, but never did. So much for teaching my kids about things that live in a cave! Oh well, we had fun.

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