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Friday, June 3, 2011

Heart Rate Activity

This activity was designed to show my children that their heart rate is an indication of their health. And that the harder you exercise, the better the work-out your heart gets, and the healthier you can be. You know you're doing a good job exercising if your heart rate is increasing.

The plan is simple: Do a variety of exercises. Observe heart rate activity after each one. Determine which exercise was the most effective in raising our heart rates.

So we ran for a few minutes, we did monkey bars for a few minutes, we jumped on the trampoline, we did sit-ups, we climbed and came down the slide over and over...

We wrote down our heart rate after each exercise, then graphed our findings in a bar graph. This bar graph concept was difficult for them to design (labeling the sides of the graph, understanding what numbers go where), but once the core of the graph was designed, they understood filling in the information.

So are you curious which exercise really got our hearts a-pumping? Climbing up and coming down the slide repetitively was easily the exercise that made our hearts race the fastest.

Sorry no pictures!

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