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Monday, July 18, 2011

Things You Can Do With Very Little Planning

For about a month now, I have done nothing much in particular. While I have no impressive lesson plans or print outs for this blog post, I do have a little something to share. I call it, "5 Ways to Look Busy and Productive, While Not Actually Accomplishing Anything."

1. Play the Water Glasses

This entertained everyone, even my two year-old, for much longer than I imagined it could. Fill a variety of glass containers (it's easiest to create musicality with containers that are the same), with different amount of water. My children thought they were musical geniuses as they clonged the glasses to a repretiore of unidentifyable tunes.

2. Observe Nature

We found this little bird nest the day before the eggs arrived. We watched the progress until some not-so-cute featherless birdies take the place of the eggs.

We left on vacation, and returned to an empty nest. My kids enjoyed watching the changes everyday. It really is humbling to watch little miracles like new life in nature.

3. Make "Bouyant Buddies" out of craft foam sheets, and corks.

We found that glue didn't work well, although a hot glue gun might have produced better results. I would just try to cut the pieces small, and fit them tightly together like a puzzle. A link to "Family Fun Magazine's" craft instructions for this will be posted later. I'm feeling lazy.

4. Encourage Entrepreneurship (That doesn't look right - spell check please?)

My oldest daughter, at two years old, was once given a choice of prize: a quarter, or a pack of gum. She chose the quarter. She has an eye for money, and is always scheming ways to build it. This week, it was through origami. She enlisted her younger sister to make about 30 origami animals and creations. They sold them out on the road for 25 cents a piece, and put their heart and soul into the marketing of their product! A road biker stopped by and purchased all remaining origami for the exchange of a $5 bill, and the surrender of about 75 cents in change. Although not entirely convinced the ONE five dollar bill was a good trade for their small pile of nickels and dimes, they were glad in the end! :)

5. Paint a Picture Outside

Get out some paint and get inspired by something outside - like a newly caught butterfly from your front yard. My daughters have become great little bug catchers this summer!

My other daughter opted for a different subject for her painting: her father in a dress. Now, she insists that he is not actually wearing a dress, but a super-hero cape...but that's a little hard to believe when you look at the finished product. You might notice from the picture - she is indeed painting the picture upside-down. Interesting, hmm?

That's all for now. No sense in jumping full force back in to blogging, right...BABY steps....

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