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Friday, June 3, 2011

A Fitness Party!

Today is Friday, so it's PARTY TIME! After going out of town all day Thursday, I'm behind on the school projects I had hoped to complete - but who cares?! Time to celebrate the completion of our first summer school unit!

Our fitness party had the main purpose of being a good time. Aside from that, I the kids exercised, ate delicious healthy snacks, challenged their balance and flexibility, and even answered a few quiz questions.


We set up an obstacle course using a bunch of odds and ends from around the house, and (the best component of all) a recent gift from my awesome inlaws:

All in all, the obstacle course was as follows:
1. Climb up the monster blow-up slide and come back down it any way you chose
2. Limbo under the volley-ball net
3. Pick up a 20 pound weight and run around the pick barrell with it. Put it down where you got it from
4. Kick a soccer ball into the net
5. "Over-Under": crawl under the table, over the kiddie slide, under the table, over the two chairs
6. Duck under the volleyball net again
7. Balance on a wooden plank to the finish!

We made a leader board and had a healthy competition going for the fastest time through the obstacle course:


*Goldfish crackers
*Strawberry Spinach Salad
*Lightly seasoned popcorn
*Veggie Platter
*Multi-grain muffins


With a giant game of Twister! I constructed this game from a 9' x 12' drop cloth purchased from my local hardware store ($24.99) and some containers of spray paint ($3.99 a canister). I painted it in my garage and left it there to dry through the night. It was only in the morning, as I folded up the cloth, that I realized it had leaked through the canvas onto my garage floor! Anyone want to play twister in my garage?


*How many glasses of water should you drink every day? (6-8 for children)

*How many food groups are there (4)

*Name a food item that belongs in the fruit/vegetable/grains/meat&beans category

*Name a food that contains items from more than one food group (like pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, quesadillas...)

*Identify something you could expect to see an amount of on a nutrition label

*What food group are we supposed to have the most of? (grains)

*How many minutes of exercise are we supposed to have every day? (30 min-1 hour)

*At what age does it become important for you to eat healthy and exercise? (trick question - EVERYONE needs to eat healthy and exercise)

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