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Sunday, April 10, 2011

By the End of The Summer, My Kids Will Be Able to Do ALL of These Things!

So here's how the summer is going to work:

Every week will have a theme (these to be posted later). And during the themed week there will be corresponding art projects, educational experiences, and life skills to learn. Much like a girl scout earning merit badges, each skill learned, or each project accomplished, will earn them a bead, which they can proudly put on their "Summer 2011" necklace. I have outlined the whole summer, and even shopped for the beads. I may add more beads to the list, but they will earn one for each of the following tasks:

I can recognize fractions! (whole, 1/2, 1/4, 3/4)

I can make a graph!

I can sew! (sew a lunch bag)

I can tell you about the food pyramid!

I can cook a meal! (simple, but complete)

I can exercise!

I did my weekly spelling words! (to be awarded mulitple times)

I can identify types of clouds!

I can name countries from around the world!

I can tell time!

I can tie my shoe!

I can do a pointilism painting!

I can make a yarn bowl!

I can sketch a picture!

I can read temperature on a thermometer!

I can describe different enviornments and habitats!

I can identify solids, liquids, and gases!

I can do a puzzle!

I can MAKE a puzzle!

I can dissect an insect!

I can identify the parts of an insect!

I know the phases of the moon!

I can find a constellation!

I can cook using the sun! (solar chef)

I can read a compass!!

I know where I live, and my phone number!

I can read a map!

I know how to have good manners!

I can recognize currency and its value!

I know how to clap a rhythm! (music theory)!

I know how to do laundry!

I can weave a rug!

I can be a good citizen! (service project)

I can recycle!

I can measure length with a ruler!

I can measure weight with a scale!

And the following beads can be given spontaneously:

I can be a good friend!

I can help my family!

I can try something new!

I can eat a food I don't like!

I can keep my room clean!

My hope for this summer is of course that my children will learn new things, but mainly that they will have FUN doing it! And they'll have a colorful, fun keepsake to help them remember and be proud of all they accomplished over the weeks of the summer. Stay posted for the weekly themes, lesson plans, recipes, crafts, and links to some great websites for learning.


  1. Can my kids come over too? That's awesome I might have to copy that!

  2. Thanks for checking it out, Kristina. I know how creative you are - if you have ideas of things you've done iwth your kids, or would like to try, send them over and I'll post it. Two heads are better than one :)

  3. Your children will be at the genious level by the end of summer. You are an amazing and awesome mom.

  4. This looks so fun, Lori! What a great summer project. (And great winter projects- love the snowmen!!) I'm glad you're doing a blog. I'm bad at keeping in touch, and I hate that about myself! But with the blog at least I'll be able to peek in on your life. What a beautiful little family. Excited to see more pictures!